Our Mission

Western States Equality Council exists as an educational resource which provides news, commentaries and reports which makes the case for local government vs the control of distant bureaucracies, over lands, water and natural resources. Our alternative news platform is designed to help national and state legislators and local leaders formulate policy; landowners and rural Americans take action when necessary; and all citizens interested in Property Rights, Free Markets and Human Liberty, have easy access to news and information that will help them further Government Accountability and Individual Prosperity.


Realizing Our Mission ..

Western States Equality Council will use our news platform, social media accounts, and emailing capability to provide state legislators, local leaders and concerned citizens with factual materials including, but not limited to; up-to-date scientific research related to the proper management of natural resources; expert opinions about law related to natural resources and management of natural resources; compelling, factual stories about people who have been harmed by improper resource management, harmful regulations, and poorly-formulated government policies.